Arthritis Pain Management Secrets

Learning to manage arthritis pain is a different experience for every patient. Different people are affected differently by this serious condition. Some people are affected more severely than others. There are those unlucky patients with severe arthritis that requires surgery. Luckily, there are a lot of different arthritis pain management techniques you can work with to prevent the need from arising. Learning to manage your own pain away from the hospital can lead to living a normal, active lifestyle like you were used to living before. Just remember a few of the following tips.

Remember, even with arthritis, it’s important to stay active. Of course, there are some extremes you cannot push the body to, but it is still capable of a lot of the same things. Chronic arthritis leads a lot patients to leading an inactive lifestyle. The pain is a good excuse to stay indoors and on the couch. However, inactivity is not good. You need to continually build the strength, stamina, and mobility of the suffering joint. At first, this may be more painful. Over time, it will become easier.

Use all of your best secrets to keep a healthy weight. This is especially true if you are suffering from arthritis in the knees. The more you weight, the more pressure that is being placed on the suffering joint. This also means more work to move the joint and get from point A to point B. A reduction of a single pound is equivalent to four pounds of pressure removed from the joint. Work on maintaining your weight and your arthritis pain management will go a lot easier.

Always think about your dieting habits. There are plenty of foods with natural anti-inflammatory nutrients within them. These foods act as an organic pain killer and help reduce the pain felt from serious arthritis. They help inflammation around the joint which reduces pain. A few foods you can expect to see on this list are wild salmon and sweet potatoes.

Experiment with different topical creams for your arthritis pain management. There are so many different creams and lotions that are said to reduce the suffering and swelling from arthritis. Amongst all of these options, there are some which work. This all depends on where your arthritis is, how severe it is, and the cream you are using. When you find the right cream, you can apply it to the body for instant relief in some cases. Most of the creams can be obtained over the counter.

When in a pinch for arthritis pain management, just put some ice on the joint. Ice will reduce the swelling and inflammation, thus reducing pain. When there is no medicine or cream around, this makes for a great pain reduction solution. Always keep some ice or frozen peas in the freezer for this occasion. 

Though arthritis may be a serious problem, these simple pain management techniques can be handled without a doctor. They all really work and they can all make a difference in your life.